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Member Since September 1999

Founded in 1998, the Binghamton University Women's Volleyball Club has provided those with a love for volleyball a chance to play throughout the entire year. The players hold practices, which makes it more of an intense experience. The club affords those who cannot dedicate the amount of time necessary for the varsity team, or who are not quite at that skill level, a chance to remain competitive. Since its inception, there has been growing interest in this club as its presence is realized throughout the University. The club has become popular over the past few years and therefore has been divided into two teams. One team participates in the majority of travel to tournaments and competitions, and the other team travels when feasible. Both teams practice together as one club, usually twice, or three times per week. This club is a member of the Northeast Women's Volleyball Club League, founded in 2000, and currently includes nineteen women's collegiate club teams from Delaware to New England. The club also competes in the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) National Championships. So far, the club has traveled to Kansas City, MO, Reno, NV, Dallas, TX and Columbus, OH to vie for a national championship.









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