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Member Since September 1999

Founded in 2005 as a club sport at Binghamton University, club softball has established itself as a co-ed team. As a co-ed team, students both male and female are encouraged to join, and the lineup card will always consist 50/50 of both genders.

Our executive board consists of a President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Captain, and Treasurer, to which students holding these positions will make decisions together for the best interest and functioning of the team.

Practices are held three times a week based on majority of the team's schedule. During cold weather, practices are held indoors once a week, with transportation provided by carpool of team members. Games are played on Sunday nights against local teams from a dome league in the Binghamton area. Team jerseys are worn during games, and additional apparel can be acquired through fundraising or personal contribution.

As a part of the club you will meet many other students from all class levels, and develop new friendships through team activities. We enjoy friendly competition at this level, and each contributing as club members for the overall success of our season.

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