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Member Since September 1999

Kung Fu describes all martial arts of Chinese origin. There are hundreds of martial arts under the umbrella of Kung Fu, ranging from internal styles such as Tai Chi and Baguazhang, to externals styles like Hung Ga and Wing Chun. BU Kung Fu is a student run club at Binghamton University which teaches, practices, performs, and celebrates the culture of Kung Fu. The styles practiced in the club range from Hung Ga, a strong and rooted martial art with body conditioning, to Lion Dance, a traditional aspect of many Kung Fu styles and schools. Kung Fu styles are some of the oldest martial arts; therefore you will often learn more tradition and culture than other martial arts. All students and faculty are welcome to participate in the club. Most people who join are beginners, often with no experience whatsoever. We highly encourage beginners to join, as they can learn and grow the most. At the same time, the club is always looking for more experienced members. Often, there are opportunities for leadership roles in the club for those who are experienced, as well as those who are inexperienced and dedicate to the club. Feel free to come by any of our practices or email us with any questions!









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