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Member Since September 1999


Binghamton University's Club Golf provides an organization where golfers of all skill levels can improve their golf game, meet fellow Binghamton University golfers, and have the opportunity to test their skills in competitive matches. The club reformed in Fall of 2012 after a period of inactivity, and since then, it has established a practice facility and gained membership into the CNYCGL (Central New York Club Golf League). The club's official practice facility is Legends Year Round Golf Center, located at 130 Dimmock Hill Road in Binghamton, NY, where heated outdoor matts and indoor golf simulators allow members to practice year round. The club hosts practices mainly during the weekend, plays several matches in the CNYCGL's Fall and Spring seasons, and plays in a championship at the end of each season. Other colleges enrolled in the CNYCGL include SUNY Cortland, SUNY Delhi, SUNY Brockport, Syracuse University, and Ithaca College. Inter-club tournaments amongst members are also held on occasion at various venues. Beginners will have a chance to be taught the game of golf, including the swing, rules, and etiquette, while advanced golfers will be able to perfect their skills through continued practice and matchplay. Golfers of all skill levels are welcome to join.










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