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Member Since September 1999

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba; its name means "The Way of Harmonious Spirit." It is a non-competitive art that uses fluid motion to protect both the practitioner and the attacker from harm. It is different from other martial arts in that it does not rely on physical strength and brute force to achieve its ends.

Aikido is a purely self-defense martial art that focuses on peaceful redirection of an opponent's energy into a variety of wrist/elbow/shoulder locks and pins as well as different kinds of throws. It's all about smooth circular movements following the path of least resistance and going with your opponent's movement rather than trying to stop or fight against it. In this way it is technique, not physical strength that matters and so is applicable to everyone. In our practices, which we treat just like any class you would find in a dojo outside the college, we start with a large amount of active and stationary stretching, followed by exercises and other warmups, before moving on to techniques from a multitude of attacks/grabs. We generally start off slow especially since almost every person who comes in has never done Aikido before, and only a few have done some kind of martial art at one time or another in their life. We also take the time to make sure you can fall properly and go through any and all explanations until we're satisfied you understand.