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Active Minds (8345)

Active Minds at Binghamton University strives to open up the conversation about mental health and eliminate any stigma(s) associated with mental health disorders on campus.

Actuarial Association (6990)

The Actuarial Association was established in 1988 in hopes of promoting the awareness of the actuarial profession. An actuary is a professional who utilizes probability and statistics in conjunction with various diciplines (i.e. finance, economics)

Admissions Student Ambassadors

The student-run volunteer organization has been in operation for several years, serving as a medium through which prospective students can connect with current students, one-to-one. Ambassadors answer questions parents and students may have about

Admissions Tour Guides

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions employs between 50 and 70 enthusiastic and energetic tour guides annually. Guides provide walking tours of campus to prospective students and families and participate in a variety of recruitment activities.

African Student Organization (4660)

The African Student Organization was founded in 1989. It was created to foster an environment for African students. It is a haven where they can express their concerns, and comments in regards to the occurrences at Binghamton University.

Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority

Alpha Epsilon Phi is one of the national sororities on the Binghamton campus. Founded in 1909 at Barnard College, AEPhi builds lasting friendships and has emphasized leadership qualities since its founding at Binghamton in 1985. For the past twenty

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (AEPI)

Chartered at Binghamton in the Spring 2013 term, Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity, though non-discriminatory and open to all who are willing to espouse its purpose and values.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the largest Asian-American interest sorority with 43 chapters across the nation. aKDPhi was founded in 1990 at the University of California at Berkeley. In the spring of 2003, aKDPhi was established here on the Binghamton

Alpha Kappa Psi Co-Ed Fraternity

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest co-ed professional business fraternity in the world. Founded in 1904 at New York University, Alpha Kappa Psi boasts over 200 active student chapters internationally and more than 250,000 members world-wide. The

Alpha Omega Epsilon International Engineering and Technical Science Sorority

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority composed of female students and alumnae in the field of engineering and technical sciences. The sorority was founded on November 13, 1983, and four months later, on March 22, 1984, became

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