Parent Organization: Binghamton University

CIC2020 (KICK 20-20) is a student-run economic development think tank at Binghamton University whose efforts focus on reversing the "brain drain" of Greater Binghamton by working to increase the retention rate of Binghamton University graduates in the local area. The name CIC2020 corresponds to the vision of retaining 20% of graduating seniors by the year 2020.

1. Bridge the gap between the local community and Binghamton University.
2. Familiarize students with opportunities in the Greater Binghamton area.
3. Assess and develop ways to expand career opportunities & encourage young professionals to stay.
4. Provide a forum for discussion about economic progress.
5. Enhance community and university partnerships.

Since its founding in 2004, the members of CIC2020 have worked to facilitate and strengthen connections between the local community and university, establishing numerous ties within both entities that are fostered by regular participation in numerous meetings, classes, and special events.  Since the spring of 2006, a significant focus of the student directors has been administering the CIC Leadership Institute (CIC-LI), a program created with all of the founding goals in mind.

CIC2020 is an independent student-led group.  It is not a chartered member of the Binghamton University Student Association. Throughout its history, the directorate has been comprised of 5-15 student leaders. Made up of undergraduate and graduate students of various disciplines, the directors of CIC2020 are those spearheading the projects, administering the CIC-LI, and making things happen. During each fall semester, they recruit students to become part of the CIC-LI (which has been offered every spring semester since 2006).  New directorate members are recruited on a rolling-basis, but are typically selected from the pool of CIC-LI graduates.  Recruitment for the CIC2020 directorate and the leadership course both entail a selective application and interviewing process.

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Address Binghamton University Downtown Center
(Room #103A) 67 Washington Street
Binghamton, NY 13902
Phone Number P:(607) 777-9141