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The Active Ally Program represents a significant update to traditional Safe Zone training models. While the old Safe Zone focused on understanding LGBTQIA identities and passive support of LGBTQIA people, our Active Ally model focuses on what it means to serve LGBTQIA individuals and communities in an active capacity. This new program will eventually grow to have three Tiers that address (1) basic ally development, (2) systemic oppression and LGBTQIA communities, and (3) sustainable change. The program is open to students and employees, straight cisgender allies and LGBTQIA people.









Participant Benefits

Participants have the opportunity to examine the lived experience of LGBTQIA people and are challenged to identify what it means to be an Ally

Participants experience deep learning about human sexual identity; examine the impacts of oppression and privilege on LGBTQIA individuals and communities; explore intersecting minoritized identities; and engage in experiential activities that encourage exploration of what personal allyship to LGBTQIA individuals and communities means for them. Lastly, participants gain an active community of genuinely engaged people who want to be agents of change at Binghamton as well as in other areas of their lives. Participants receive certificates and badges to proudly display as they complete the various workshops in the program.

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